[Post from Paul] Change of Time…

It’s not such a very big deal, but Pam’s surgery has been moved up from 2:30 pm tomorrow to 9:30 am.  We’ll be there at 7:30.

So, get up early and start praying!!

God Bless…

Love You All,



About captaincatholic

Fifty Eight Year old 'Cradle Catholic'. Married for twenty two years to the magnificent Pam. Father to the unsurpassable Angelique. Parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish in Lexington MA.
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3 Responses to [Post from Paul] Change of Time…

  1. Maria O'Brien Hylton says:

    Thinking about all of you now as she is in surgery. Lots of prayers and best wishes for excellent outcome!

  2. donna_esposito@verizon.net says:

     Dear Pam,You are constantly

  3. Lisa Cimino says:

    Sending love and prayers your way Pam, Paul and Liqa. We love you guys!!

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