[Paul’s Live Blog — 4:31 pm] Rejoice With Us!

Dr. Johnson came down in his surgical scrubs to tell us that he removed the tumor successfully, and that Pam “was great”.  I asked him if he got it all.

“Basically,” he explained, “the frontier of the tumor is up against a ventricle and we didn’t want to disturb that, but the bulk of it is gone.  We got everything we’d hoped to get.”

We’ve been told we’ll be able to go up to the 9th floor to see Pam in about 45 minutes.  I feel relieved, and I feel grateful.  Grateful to live in Boston, near so many great hospitals; grateful to have such a resilient wife; grateful for my fabulous family and my fabulous friends; grateful for all of your prayers.

Pam told me, before she went in, that she never feels alone.  Part of the reason is that you all love her so much — another part of the reason is that she’s learned to let people love her.

I can’t wait to see her!



About captaincatholic

Fifty Eight Year old 'Cradle Catholic'. Married for twenty two years to the magnificent Pam. Father to the unsurpassable Angelique. Parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish in Lexington MA.
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7 Responses to [Paul’s Live Blog — 4:31 pm] Rejoice With Us!

  1. Mary Ann Bourque says:

    Praise God for another little miracle. Give Pam our love and some for you and Likua

  2. Molly K. Johnson says:

    And there is much rejoicing! Hallelujah! Thanks be to God for giving Pam back to us yet one more time. Hugs for Pam, and all of you. Now may I suggest some sleeping? God designed us to sleep for roughly 1/3 of our lives, and I suspect those of you not anesthetized are a wee bit behind. Take care of yourselves, so that you can take care of each other. Love to all.

  3. Kim Donoghue says:

    Hi Paul, I’m so grateful to receive all of the updates, thank you! I’m so glad to hear everything went well today, thinking of all of you!

  4. Shanna says:

    Relieved to hear that it went well. Continuously inspired by your faith and resilience, Paul. Love to you, Pam and Angelique.

  5. Thomas says:


  6. ronald lancaster says:

    Rejoicing. So relieved and so grateful for the skill of Dr. Johnson and guidance of the Greater Physician. He has been there for his dear Pam and will continue to be . No doubt about it. Praise a great God..


  7. Lisa Cimino says:

    Praising God for this great news!! Give Pam a big hug from us!!

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