[Post from Paul] Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin’

To all you wonderful, amazing people:

Since Pam’s death early Monday morning, Angelique and I have been very busy.  It’s a big deal planning for a funeral — especially a funeral for a big deal like Pam.   There are decisions to make, details to attend to.  We’re selecting photos and memorabilia, there’s music for the funeral, and music for the wake, there’s a monument to install at the gravesite.   Besides, my daughter has “absolutely nothing to wear!” so she’s dispatched an army of shoppers to look for an outfit.  You can bet that I don’t want to feel left out, so I’ve been fitted for a new suit.

There’s a eulogy to write (Naturally, I expect you’ve already heard that the celebrated comedy diva, Stephanie Peters, is giving a eulogy.  Don’t worry.  She is — and I’m praying to any saint who’ll listen that she doesn’t’ go blue’!  It’s just that I’m going to mumble a few sober words afterwards.)  Scripture readings have to be selected.   As you can see, there’s plenty to keep us busy — and that’s a good thing.  It would be misery to be sitting around the house.

We’ve been busy Monday, Tuesday and this morning and we’ve gotten everything done — or most of it, anyway.  Now all we want to do is ‘unplug’; that’s why we’re leaving town,  just the two of us, to go to that place ‘just the three of us’ loved most, our particular place of refuge, the destination of every family pilgrimage: Truro Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.  That is, the ‘outer Cape’ where Gov. William Bradford and the pilgrims first set anchor upon arriving in the New World in 1620.

What was ‘new world’ to them is ‘old world’ to us.  It’s our centering spot and Liqa and I will be there to comfort each other.  I’m sure, Pam’s memory will spring up on every corner.  So many memories!  So many, and they’re all happy (well, except for that time we went wine tasting at the Truro vineyard.  Wine?  In Truro??  What were we thinking?)

We’ll be getting back late on Thursday, the day before Pammy’s wake.  I hope you know what that means!  Don’t call, don’t write, don’t text, don’t look for us on Facebook.

We just ain’t gonna be ’round …

… and don’t come lookin’!!

In Peace,

Paul, Liqa and the beloved spirit of Pam


About captaincatholic

Fifty Eight Year old 'Cradle Catholic'. Married for twenty two years to the magnificent Pam. Father to the unsurpassable Angelique. Parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish in Lexington MA.
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